4 months till Christmas

No really, it is. Despite the continuing very un-Britishness of our summer weather the evening light is definitely lower, and the apples almost ready to harvest. A whirlwind of writing, vegetable planting and building related chaos later – not to mention wondermuch neglecting – and I seem to be already staring down the barrel of […]

Sun, BBQ’s, tennis, carnival, strawberries, camping = an actual (birthday) weekend

Cor, what is with this weather? We went out for dinner on the weekend and sat outside, bare-armed and drinking cold beers, until 10pm. Unheard of behaviour for the UK. I feel like I’m living some kind of double life – and not just because of the weather. It has been a BUSY  few weeks. […]

Bristol : in pictures

My photo habits are a source of perpetual entertainment to my boyfriend Dan. We’ll be walking to a pub, restaurant, or anywhere, and he’ll eventually notice that I’m no longer walking beside him but crouched behind a bin. I mean, bins are really interesting things: they’re full of unexpected items and are nearly always covered […]

An unexpected harvest

After a lovely couple of days sailing I spent the Monday of the bank holiday catching up on a bit of gardening in Garden No.1. Currently a cross between an allotment and an overgrown meadow, Garden No.1 is in definite need of attention . My attempts at addressing this usually collapse amidst a raft of other things to do; […]